On July 16, the Kona 2017 Demo Tour is coming to our Prior Lake store’s backyard (almost): the Murphy-Hanrehan Singletrack Trail, noon to 6 pm.


We’ll have our own staff on duty to assist the Kona Tour crew. They will have these bikes in these frame sizes available to test:

Ti Honzo, LG
Hei Hei DL, SM
Hei Hei DL, MD
Hei Hei DL, LG
Hei Hei DL, XL
Hei Hei Trail DL, LG
Honzo CR Trail, SM
Honzo CR Trail, SM
Honzo CR Trail, LG
Honzo CR Trail, XL
Hei Hei Trail DL, XS
Hei Hei Trail DL, SM
Process 111, MD
Process 134 DL, XS
Process 134 DL, MD
Process 111, LG
Process 134 DL, LG

We’ll also have some free MTB skills clinics going out throughout the afternoon, taught by our social media guy Griff Wigley, Mountain Bike Skills Network. He’s a certified IMBA Level 1 & PMBI Level 1 instructor. Clinic details coming soon.