Our Bicycles


Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a pro-racer, or just someone who likes to shred the gnar on occasion, we have the bike for you! We carry Kona, Giant, Liv, and Cannondale to ensure we have the bike of your dreams.  We love the hukable character of Kona bikes, the kitted out features of Giant and Liv’s bikes, and the cutting-edge technology of Cannondale’s bikes. We are sure you will find one that you love too.


Do you have the need for speed, or maybe you’re a long haul sort of rider. We got what you need from slick carbon road bikes to classic steel-framed urban assault bikes and everything in between! With brands like Giant, Cannondale, Liv, and All-City rounding out the lineup we got what you’re looking for!



We get it, some people just want to take the road less traveled. We know your type and we know what you want in a bike!  We have a wide selection of gravel and adventure bikes. Kona, Giant and Cannondale all bring their spin on this emerging riding style. Come in and checkout what gravel grinding is all about!



What do you know about E-bikes? Did you know it’s the fastest growing segment in the biking community? How about the fact we have never seen anyone ride an E-bike for the first time and not have a smile on their face! E-bikes are for everyone, from your grandma to dirt daredevils and the hardcore commuters… there is an E-bike for you.


The Swiss army knife of bikes, wanna go mountain biking, gravel grinding, and ice fishing but only want one bike? Yeah these things crush it at darn near everything and they do it year round. Don’t take our word for it ask anyone with a fatbike and they’ll tell you these are awesome!



Hybrids are  for commuting, fitness and casual riding. They will help you conquer your goals comfortably and on a budget.  They come in all flavors from big cushy seated upright bikes to aggressive fitness bikes. The hybrid is a jack of all trades and often times just what you need.



Without the pioneering kids of the 1970’s trying to emulate their motocross heroes on local dirt racing tracks, most of the offroad cycling world wouldn’t exist as we know it. BMX  has always been a mainstay of the biking community because of its broadcast-ability which lead to BMX riders becoming superstars and household names. Are you the next Matt Hoffman?


When you are a kid your bike is your ticket to the world at large. Parents want a bike that is going to be dependable for their child and that’s what we sell. We also have an awesome kids trade-up program because those little buggers never seem to stop growing out of things.



We get them all different ways, from trade-ins to donations, We go through each bike and get them in top working order again so they are ready to find a new home. Stop by and adopt a bike today!



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