Fat Bikes

2016 Cannondale Fat Bikes 600X338



Cannondale’s aluminum wizardry and System Integration deliver the fun, all-conditions traction of a fatbike with the agile handling, narrow Q-factor and ultra light weight of a racer.  Incredibly light, stiff and smooth riding, Fat CAAD is a testament to Cannondale’s decades of aluminum crafting experience.  FAT PERFORMANCE GEOMETRY -maximizes the benefits of the tires’ huge, grippy contact patch with short chainstays, a slack headtube angle and long 55-60mm offset forks.  LEFTY OLAF-unmatched stiffness and control to keep those big tires pointed exactly where you want. Fatbike-specific air spring cur ve. 100mm travel.  LOWEST Q-FACTOR-system integrated cranks and offset chainrings make the FAT CAAD’s Q-factor up to 2.5cm narrower than the competition, so it feels like riding a bike, not a horse.

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Surley Fat Bikes at Michaels Cycles MN


At Surly we believe that steel is, hands down, the best material for a bicycle. It’s the perfect blend of durability, comfort and performance; there
is no other material out there that rides like steel. Nowhere. Now a lot of folks think that a steel bike means that it was built with generic off the shelf tubing (or in some cases NAME BRAND™ off the shelf tubing). At Surly that’s just not the case. We custom butt our tubes for strength and durability and our enginerds tune each tubeset to the specific frame and size so each Surly frame has the same amazing ride. We do it because we ride, we know the difference, and we expect no less from our riders out there. Ride a Surly and feel the difference

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Kona Fat Bikes at Michaels Cycles MN


Sand, snow, surf, mulch, mud, bog: the Wo goes everywhere—with glacier-wide smiles along the way. We don’t like the idea of telling our customers when and where and how they can ride their bikes. That’s why we created the Wo, the do whatever-the-hell-you-want mack daddy of them all. Go everywhere anywhere whenever in style.

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Otso Fat Bikes at Michaels Cycles MN


Voytek™ is a carbon fiber hardtail mountain bike designed around the exclusive Otso Plus-Fat™  concept. It is a 27.5+ or 29+ trail bike that can also accommodate up to 26 x 4.6” tires on 70 mm rims. With the narrowest Q-factor of any production fat-tire-capable bike, it feels like a mountain bike, not a fat bike, and opens up a whole new dimension in summer or winter riding. Also featuring our patent pending Tuning Chip™ rear dropout system, the chainstay length can be adjusted from a fun and nimble 430 mm to a fast and stable 450 mm.  Top it all off with modern geometry, a slacker head tube angle and a short rear center, the Voytek™ blurs the line between plus and fat, and it will change your perception of what’s possible in this class of bike.

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