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When you own and manage a local bike shop, your people are more important than the bikes you sell.  Your staff are the first impression, they are your reputation in the community.  I am proud of our staff and here are a few of them (…the rest are too shy):

Michael - OwnerOwner


Bikes you own or type of riding: All types of riding... Mountain #1. Kona Satori, Kona Raijin, Kona Unit, All City Macho King, Surly Moonlander, Surly Krampus, Surly ECR, Cannondale Fat CAAD 1, BMW RS1200 GSA. What do you like most about Michael's Cycles: Riding and being around people who like to ride their bikes.

John - Store Manager - ChaskaStore Manager - Chaska


What bikes do you own or ride? FFFT - Full Fat Full Time! What do you like most about work? I love the wonderful people I get to meet and ride bikes with. Hobbies? Everything outside!

Stuart – “Stu” - Sales, Buyer, Bike Sage - Prior LakeSales, Buyer, Bike Sage - Prior Lake

Stuart – “Stu”

Favorite Rides: Love road riding, fat biking, mt. biking, and urban cruising What I love most about my job: Working in the cycling industry for 30 plus years has been most enjoyable for me because of the people I have met. Cycling is a high energy, fun filled sport that everyone at one point in their life participates in and they have the stories to prove it. Typically all customers are happy and enjoy the shopping experience. Who doesn't want to get a new bike?

Wesley “Tator Tot” - Best Employee-Behind BarsBest Employee-Behind Bars

Wesley “Tator Tot”

My biking activity: Racing Cyclocross Favorite Hobbies: Shenanigans, drinking, and Math

Sean “See-Ann” - Mechanic, Gear Nut, Trouble-shooter - Prior LakeMechanic, Gear Nut, Trouble-shooter - Prior Lake

Sean “See-Ann”

Favorite Bike:Prefer the dirt, but anytype of riding on my Kona Ute; Hobbies: Biking, music and the speakers through which the music plays, old cars, camping, and road trips; Favorite Part of Job: Helping people, repairing their bikes, and hearing how much better it rode later.

Chris - Experienced Advisor - ChaskaExperienced Advisor - Chaska


Favorite bike: Devinci Troy Carbon RR...its the most fun I've had on a mountain bike Hobbies: surfing dirt on a big squishy bike, finding new places to ride the aforementioned bike, camping, hunting, fishing, cooking.

Mark - All around good guy - Prior LakeAll around good guy - Prior Lake


Favorite ride: I like to ride road, gravel and really enjoy riding trails on a fatbike. I really enjoy the people I work with, always funny and entertaining. I love to help and give learning tips to customers about bikes. I also get to ride the latest and greatest bikes to test them out so we know what we are talking about first hand.

Cianna - Sales and Selling- Prior LakeSales and Selling- Prior Lake


Favorite Biking Activity: Cross Country mountain biking My hobbies: Biking, swimming, skiing, and weight lifting My passion: Interacting with people on a daily basis and getting to share the love for bikes!

Jakob - Customer Service Stud - Prior LakeCustomer Service Stud - Prior Lake


Biking Passion: mountain biking. Cannondale f29 Favorite Hobbies: cycling, skiing Why I come to work: Being able to work with bikes and learn more about the industry.

Kerry - Sales & Science Advisor - Prior LakeSales & Science Advisor - Prior Lake


My bikes: Kona Smoke (commuter), Specialized Roubaix Elite Triple Road Bike, Cannondale T2 Tandem Road Bike My hobbies: Science, astrophysics, cosmology, hanging out with my wife, JoAnn, and dog, Cooper, binge-watching tv. Work mojo: Co-workers, getting a kid into an awesome new bike.

Tyler “T-Bone” - Small Projects Guru - ChaskaSmall Projects Guru - Chaska

Tyler “T-Bone”

Biking activities : Dirt first, then snow, then pavement. Like heavy, overbuilt steel bikes Hobbies: Macguyvering, Whittling, Making stuff, Camping, Hiking, Bouldering, Cycling Best parts of the job: The people and shiny, cool bike parts

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